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Deciding what to do with your estate or a loved one’s estate can be difficult without guidance from experienced counsel. Andrew A. Rimmel in St. Louis, MO will help you through this type of situation. If you are planning ahead and want to assign beneficiaries in a will, he can assist. If you have experienced a death in the family and are not sure what to do next, he can help with that, too. The top estate and trust administration needs we deal with are:

  • Probate administration
  • Collection of small estates
  • Determination of heirship proceedings
  • Trust administration and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Conservatorships and guardianships

Estate & Trust Administration

Trust Andrew A. Rimmel to Guide You.

Don’t understand a will? Not sure how to create one? Stop worrying. Andrew A. Rimmel in St. Louis, MO can assist you in understanding a will, managing estate assets and handling debts and expenses. Rely on him today by calling 314-733-1900 for legal advice and consultation.